USBC, Kegel Extend Partnership

StremmelChartrand2014at465x262 Kegel President, Chris Chartrand (right) with USBC Managing Director - National Governing Body, Neil Stremmel

Since 2006, the United States Bowling Congress and Kegel have worked hand-in-hand to provide fair and consistent lane conditions at USBC championship events.

The companies recently agreed to extend their partnership to make Kegel the official lane maintenance provider for all USBC tournaments through December 2016.

Kegel has provided lane maintenance equipment and supplies as well as technical and on-site support for USBC events since January 2006. This includes more than a dozen tournaments each year from the youth to professional level.

Kegel will continue to provide USBC with its latest products, including lane machines and cleaners. The 2015 USBC Open and Women's Championships, the premier events for USBC adult members, again will feature the Kegel Flex Walker lane machine, the latest technology the company offers.

"With help from Kegel and its great products, we can take pride in the fairness of the scoring environment at our events," said Neil Stremmel, USBC Managing Director - National Governing Body. "Because most of our events last for days or even months, consistency and integrity are very important. We feel with Kegel's support, both of those items are guaranteed. We also have the utmost confidence in the quality and durability of their products. They've definitely helped make our tournaments top-notch events."

Other USBC events featured in the agreement include: Team USA Trials, Summer Team USA Trials, Masters, Senior Masters, Queens, Senior Queens, U.S. Open, U.S. Women's Open, Senior Women's U.S. Open, Senior Men's U.S. Open, XBowling Intercollegiate Team and Singles Championships (plus four sectional qualifiers), Junior Gold Championships presented by Storm, Roto Grip and Master and the Survivor event, Youth Open, Senior Championships and the Bowlers Journal Championships.

USBC will have final say on all USBC tournament lane conditions, while Kegel will be trusted to provide regular equipment maintenance and technical support.

"Through our long-standing partnership, USBC and Kegel have developed a deep mutual trust, and together, we share the vision of creating an environment where integrity, fairness and reliability are of the utmost importance," said Kegel President Chris Chartrand. "USBC puts quality above all else for their tournaments, and we're flattered to be selected as their official lane maintenance partner."

Kegel was founded in 1981 with the primary goal of helping bowling centers operate with fewer problems. For more than three decades, the company has studied all the variables surrounding lane conditioning and expanded to several product divisions with more than 120 employees.

The company's home base is a 74,000-square-foot facility in Lake Wales, Florida, where it does all of its manufacturing, quality control, software development, chemical production and packaging.