Weber Prevails in Star-Studded Conclusion to PBA50 Tour Season for 100th Overall Title

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Aug. 8, 2017) – PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber won the PBA50 DeHayes Insurance Group Championship presented by Pro Bowl West and Ebonite for his 100th overall title in PBA competition Tuesday, and Brian LeClair of Delmar, N.Y., survived challenges from Norm Duke and Parker Bohn III to win his first PBA50 Player of the Year crown.

Weber, who was the top seed for the finals, won his first PBA50 Tour title of the season by defeating Duke in the title match, 279-255, for his 11th career title on the tour for players 50 years and older.

“I thought it could come at any time but I might have taken it for granted a little bit,” said Weber of his 100th overall win. “You have to earn it – you can’t expect it.

“It’s been a humbling experience this year,” Weber admitted of his otherwise disappointing season in which his previous best finish was third in the USBC Senior Masters. “You’re going to have the down times no matter who you are. You have to take the good with the bad.”

Weber, the 2015 and 2016 PBA50 Player of the Year, has won 37 PBA Tour titles, 48 PBA regional and four PBA50 regional titles in addition to his 11 on the PBA50 Tour. His 100 titles ranks second behind fellow hall of famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. who has 102 titles overall in PBA competition.

Both Weber and Duke got off to strong starts in the championship match. Weber started with the first seven strikes before leaving a solid nine pin in the eighth frame. Duke, who was also on a string of strikes, left a pocket 7-10 split in the eighth frame which pretty much ended his hopes for the win.

“I knew going in it was going to take a 260 game against Norm and fortunately I bowled 270,” Weber said. “I needed every bit of it because every time I bowl Norm, we always have a great match and it seems like it’s always a battle.”

Weber’s title also moved him into a tie for fifth with Williams and Gene Stus on the all-time PBA50 Tour titles list.

Duke, who qualified third for the finals, needed a win to overtake LeClair in the player of the year point race. LeClair, who finished seventh in the tournament, was the only player to win more than one title during the season winning the Pasco County Florida Open and Johnny Petraglia BVL Opens. He also had a second-place finish in the Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open.

In the opening match Bohn, trying for his second consecutive title of the season after winning last week’s Dave Small’s Championship Lanes Classic, defeated Williams, the 2017 USBC Senior Masters winner, 212-206.

In the second match, Duke defeated Bohn 224-217 to advance to the semi-final match where he beat hall of famer Amleto Monacelli, 268-224. Both Duke and Monacelli were also trying for their second titles of the season. With a win Bohn could have also won the PBA50 Player of the Year crown.

In all, the five championship round finalists represented a combined 177 PBA Tour and 38 PBA50 Tour titles.

Finishing in the top eight in PBA50 points, LeClair, Duke, Bohn, Bob Learn Jr., Michael Haugen Jr., Williams, Monacelli and Ron Mohr earned the opportunity to compete in the PBA50 Challenge which will be held in conjunction with GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling IX presented by Eldorado Reno Properties this November.

PBA players 60 and older will wrap up their season with the PBA60 Dick Weber Championship presented by Hammer which begins with first round qualifying Thursday beginning at 4 p.m. EDT.


presented by Pro Bowl West and Ebonite
Pro Bowl West, Tuesday

Final Standings:

1, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., $7,500.

2, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., $4,000.

3, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, $2,500.

4, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., $2,000.

5, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., $1,750.

Stepladder Results:

Match One – Bohn def. Williams, 212-206.

Match Two – Duke def. Bohn, 224-217.

Semifinal Match – Duke def. Monacelli, 268-224.

Championship Match – Weber def. Duke, 279-255.

Modified Match Play Round 2 (after six games, including match play bonus pins. Top five advance to stepladder finals )

1, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., 5-1, 1,624.
2, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 4-1-1, 1,594.
3, Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., 3-2-1, 1,584.
4, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 4-2, 1,562.
5, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., 4-2, 1,551.
6, Brian Kretzer, Dayton, Ohio, 3-3, 1,508, $1,500.
7, Brian LeClair, Delmar, N.Y., 4-2, 1,501, $1,600.
8, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 5-1, 1,493, $1,500.
9, John Burkett, Southlake, Texas, 3-3, 1,459, $1,300.
10, Mark Sullivan, Indianapolis, 2-4, 1,444, $1,300.
11, (tie) Rick Francis, Linden, Calif., 3-3, 1,404, and Brian Voss, Centennial, Colo., 2-4, 1,404, $1,300.
13, Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, Kan., 2-4, 1,395, $1,300.
14, Gary Alstott, Washington, Ill., 1-5, 1,331, $1,300.
15, Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, Texas, 2-4, 1,291, $1,300.
16, Tom Baker, King, N.C., 0-6, 1,163, $1,300.

Modified Match Play Round 1 (Cashers after five games, including match play bonus pins)

17, Michael Haugen Jr., Phoenix, 2-2-1, 1,244, $1,150.
18, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 4-1, 1,228, $1,150.
19, Gary Schluchter, Femont, Ohio, 4-1, 1,221, $1,150.
20, Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 3-2-0, 1,212, $1,150.
21, Tony Johnson, Canton, Ohio, 2-3, 1,203, $1,150.
22, Patrick Shipley, Spring Valley, Calif., 3-2, 1,185, $1,150.
23, Eddie Graham, Centerville, Ohio, 2-3, 1,170, $1,250.
24, Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 3-2, 1,169, $1,150.
25, John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 2-3, 1,164, $1,075.
26, Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 3-2, 1,153, $1,075.
27, Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash., 2-3, 1,141, $1,075.
28, Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa., 1-4, 1,132, $1,075.
29, Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., 1-4, 1,126, $1,075.
30, Toby Contreras, Lee's Summit, Mo., 2-3, 1,116, $1,075.
31, Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., 1-4, 1,089, $1,075.
32, Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 0-5, 1,017, $1,075.

Other Cashers (after five-game cashers’ round)

33, Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 1,080, $1,000.
34, Warren Nelson, Hemet, Calif., 1,075, $1,000.
35, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 1,065, $1,000.
36, Larry Verble, Mason, Mich., 1,064, $1,000.
37, Christopher Keane, Cape Coral, Fla., 1,059, $1,000.
38, Scott Greiner, Platte City, Mo., 1,055, $1,000.
39, Lee Brosius, Ashburn, Va., 1,052, $1,000.
40, Greg McDaniel, Kimball, Neb., 1,040, $1,000.
41, Rick Zakrajsek, Lorain, Ohio, 1,030, $1,000.
42, David Axon, Bellevue, Neb., 1,023, $1,000.
43, John Brockland, St. Charles, Mo., 1,017, $1,000.
44, Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., 1,014, $1,000.
45, Bill Nichols, Bella Vista, Ark., 995, $1,000.
46, Mark Everette, Aliquippa, Pa., 940, $1,000.
47, Johnny Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 914, $1,000.
48, Tom Carter, Columbus, Ohio, 890, $1,000.