World Bowling Coach Conference is underway at ITRC

ARLINGTON, Texas – The World Bowling Coach Conference kicked off Friday at the International Training and Research Center, and attendees from around the world will have the opportunity to hear from the top coaches in the sport over the next three days.

The conference is being held in conjunction with World Bowling, the world governing body for the sport, at the ITRC, part of the International Bowling Campus in Arlington. The ITRC staff, led by Team USA head coach Rod Ross, are hosts for the educational conference. The inaugural World Bowling Coach Conference took place in 2014, also at the ITRC.

“I think everyone came away from the inaugural World Bowling Coach Conference realizing it was an important event and we needed to continue to hold these conferences,” Ross said. “The best coaches in the world will have presentations and it’s tremendous to see how many federations are represented here at the ITRC.”

A total of 93 coaches, including 24 international coaches, will be at this year’s conference. Fifteen countries are represented at the conference. 

Among the presenters are USBC Gold coaches Gordon Vadakin of Wichita State, Del Warren of Kegel Training Center, Frank Buffa of Buffa Bowling, Hank Boomershine of Storm Bowling, and Stephen Padilla of USBC Coaching.

Also presenting is Team USA sports psychologist Dr. Dean Hinitz, who will discuss the way champions think and train.

Onder Gurkan, the Chairman of European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) Educational Committee and a member of ETBF Presidium, and Juha Maja, the head coach of Bowling Training Center in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and a visiting coach at the Kuortane Bowling Training and Education Center in Finland, will look at Deep Practice in Bowling Training. Most studies about training and practice refer to “repetition” and “deep/deliberate practice” as the key element of learning a skill and the two ETBF coaches will present the methods and exercises they use to incorporate deep practice in training.

Tyrel Rose, head coach of Team Canada, will have a presentation on learning the value of creating a winning culture, getting athlete buy-in, and translating that culture into performance.

Attendees also will have the opportunity to hear from Kevin Dornberger, the CEO of World Bowling, who will give an update on World Bowling, the World Bowling Congress and the future for World Bowling.

All the presenters will join together on Sunday afternoon for an open panel discussion with conference attendees.

Go to to learn more about the World Bowling Coach Conference and for the full list of presenters and seminars.