USBC Rules Team
You may know that when you step over the foul line in bowling and deliver the ball down the lane, you have committed a foul and get zero for that shot. But did you know that if you cross the line but don't let go of the ball, it's not considered a foul?

That and hundreds of other rules for the sport of bowling are the responsibility of the United States Bowling Congress.

As the sport's national governing body, the USBC maintains bowling's integrity by consistently interpreting and enforcing the playing rules for USBC league and tournament competition. By helping bowlers, association leaders, tournament managers, league officers and others understand the rules of the sport, USBC ensures play is fair so we can enjoy it more. Those efforts also allow USBC leagues and tournaments to run more smoothly.

While the USBC Playing Rules is perhaps the most visible and main overall responsibility of the USBC RulesTeam, the group does more than that. The USBC Rules department provides online tools such as the League Operations Handbook and the new league and tournament sections that guide officials through the duties and responsibilities to keep USBC league and tournaments running more efficiently and in accordance with USBC Rules.

Our expert counselors work behind-the-scenes for you, answering thousands of emails, other written requests and phone calls each year relating to rules interpretation and direction, rules infractions, different approved competition formats, eligibility requirements, tournament prize distribution, online tournament certification, specific rules for USBC Youth, High School and Collegiate bowling programs and eligibility questions.

Remember, the USBC rules and regulations are here for you to enjoy the sport and know that it is being played fairly around the world.

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