Bowler's Ed Materials

Why teach bowling? Bowling is a great sport for everyone! Check out our student and teacher benefits listed and below and then place your order for a copy of this FREE Bowling Curriculum.


  • No size or strength limitation for success
  • Bowling is a family-orientated activity
  • Builds self-confidence and positive self-esteem
  • A great team and individual sport
  • Can be enjoyed in a social or competitive form
  • A success-orientated lifetime sport
  • Keeping score reinforces math concepts
  • Provides enjoyment for children of any age
  • Bowling is FUN!


  • The Bowler’s Ed program conforms with all five National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards for physical education
  • The Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling curriculum is FREE!
  • Additional fitness and fun activities are provided
  • Academic lessons are included and are great “extra credit” activities
  • The instructional DVD and Quick Reference Guide make it easy to teach
  • Students are active and on task
  • No size limits for success
  • All students can participate
  • Good for the development of hand-eye coordination
  • Large muscle focus in approach, delivery and balance
  • Bowling is a great unit for adapted PE programs
  • The bowling unit is FUN!


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The Bowler’s Ed equipment provides educators and youth organizers the ability to engage kids in a true bowling experience offering an atmosphere similar to a bowling center inside the gymnasium. The Bowler’s Ed curriculum organizes activities for 5-6 students per lane allowing for a maximum participation of 30-36 students across six In-School bowling lanes.
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