Bowling Centers

We have several different opportunities to help supports centers in their efforts to build a relationship with their local schools through the Bowler’s Ed In-School bowling program.

Program Overview

Congratulations! By visiting this page, you have taken the first step toward implementing the Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling program in your center. This program is designed to introduce children to bowling in the classroom or gym. We provide teachers with a free step-by-step curriculum and instructional video that explains the fundamentals of bowling along with etiquette, safety, scoring and fitness activities. In addition, the curriculum includes lessons that reinforce math, language arts, social studies, problem solving, geography, computer skills and more.

There are many ways for you, the proprietor, to get involved with the Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling program and form a partnership with your local schools.

In addition to the marketing tools and ideas found in the Proprietor How-To Guide,you can visit the Bowler’s Ed section of the Youth Resource Center and find several different items to assist you.

Grant Support

It is highly recommending to support the schools in your area by notifying them about our FREE equipment grant program. A simple letter stating your support will go a long way in our decision to select which organizations to support with the Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling equipment grants. Click here to apply for a grant today, applications must be submitted prior to June 30.

Why Get Involved?

Building a relationship with the schools in your area can provide you with a consistent recruitment system that can help you continue to develop new lifetime bowlers and customers. Below are just a few ways that through this partnership your center could benefit:

  • After School Bowling – Occupy kids with a healthy, muscle building & weight bearing activity! Why not establish an after school bowling program for all kids to participate in. For more information, check out our After School Bowling program on the Youth Resource Center, located here.
  • Summer Camps – From beginners to advance level youths, USA Bowling Summer Camps were created with every child in mind. Each camp places a high emphasis on skill development and fun. Children are provided personal instruction from a coach and social time to meet friends and have a blast. For more information, check out our USA Bowling Summer Camp program in the Youth Resource Center here.
  • Field Trip – Bowl a strike at a school-wide event! The Bowler’s Ed equipment can engage the entire student body and offer a great plan for outside events or activities. 
  • PTA/PTO Night – Showcase the family-friendly activity that connects generations!  The Bowler’s Ed equipment will showcase to the parent the range of activities being taught in the school to offer all kids a variety of sport options. Utilize a portion of the proceeds from that day, week, or month to support the PTO/PTA group. 

Community Events

Every community has events going on sometimes weekly, especially during the summer time. Find out what events are designed for local businesses to showcase what they have to offer. By having your own Bowler’s Ed equipment, you can setup a booth at these events and introduce kids to bowling. Through a table display you can pass out Bowling is a Healthy Way to Live information, free game passes, and additional information on activities at your center.

Trade Show Support

We always want to know when Bowler’s Ed is being promoted around the country. We have a Bowler’s Ed Resource Opportunities form that you can fill out and request support for a local event or function you are attending. This includes our trade show booth, equipment, curriculum, promotional items, and more. Make sure to submit all orders at least 4-6 weeks in advance.

Resource Opportunities Order Form