We have several different opportunities to help supports schools in their efforts to teach a lifetime sport through the Bowler’s Ed In-School bowling program.


The purpose of this award is to support the implementation of Bowler’s Ed, the In-School bowling program from the International Bowling Campus’ Youth Development. This program provides opportunities to teach students the sport of bowling with instructional curriculum and equipment available to use in school or other facilities.

Since 2010, IBC Youth has awarded 305 equipment grants to schools and non-profit organizations in 46 states, and Canada. Nearly 3 million students have been impacted by the Bowler's Ed equipment awarded through this grant. The application is now live.

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Here are what some of those schools had to say:

"Holy Family Catholic School was blessed to receive the Bowler’s Ed grant. Though bowling has been part of our PE curriculum for years the new equipment allowed for a more real world experience and better understanding of the game. Our students enjoyed taking the lessons learned in PE to the bowling lanes where they shared their skills with the special needs students of our adopted school."
Holy Family Catholic School | Tracy Head, Business Manager | Fort Worth, TX

"The equipment has been great and is appropriate for a wide range of age groups. The grant was a huge blessing as being a small start-up (non-profit), it allowed us to get high quality equipment without sacrificing other programs. The kids love it. It’s a great activity for rainy days or the winter season. We use the equipment in many ways, it’s not just bowling. We teach math, leadership skills (one member is in charge of each set that is used each day), and good social skills by taking turns and sharing the score keeping duties."
Boys & Girls Club of White County | Dan Fry, Unit Director | Monticello, IN

"The students loved it because most aren’t given the opportunity to actually learn how to bowl, learn what pins to hit, where to aim, proper hand placement, proper Bowler etiquette, how to score, etc. We did a whole unit along with the former Professional Bowler Ricky Jewell come talk to the students about etiquette, his hints/tricks and show some awards and rings he earned. At the very end of the unit we went to a local bowling alley where the students could put everything they have learned into the real atmosphere.
Lead Academy Public Charter | Katherine Watson, Physical Educator | Greenville, SC

Trade Show Support 

Bowler’s Ed attends several trade shows each year, specifically the national SHAPE convention. We have several other volunteers around the country who believe in Bowler’s Ed and attend their State conventions as well. We provide trade show support to anyone interested in promoting Bowler’s Ed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bowler’s Ed Booth 
  • Carpeted Lanes, Pins, and Balls
  • Presentation Support
  • Curriculum
  • Additional Materials
  • Promotional Items And more!

Staff Development Day

Is your district hosting an upcoming development day and want Bowler’s Ed to attend? We can send one of our professional Bowler’s Ed Specialists to your event as long as the attendance meets our minimum criteria. If the group of physical educators doesn’t meet our minimums, we are happy to coordinate with a nearby bowling center employee/coach to walk your team through the materials and how to utilize them. To discuss this opportunity, please contact us at 

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