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About Us:
The Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team is led by USBC Senior Director of Specifications and Certifications, Danny Speranza. The team consists of professional staff members that have many years of combined experience in the industry and many of them are highly competitive bowlers. They have an inside understanding of bowling and have numerous achievements on the lanes as well as various levels of USBC coaching certification. Through a combination of practical experience and technical knowledge, they join together to explore the science of bowling!

Ally Stanton is a Research Technician with the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team. A native of San Antonio, Texas, she recently completed a Bachelor's of Science in Physics with a minor in Mathematics from West Texas A&M University. Not only was she a student at West Texas A&M she was also a 4-year member of the Women's Bowling Team (Go Buffs!). At USBC, she is responsible for testing and approving all products. With her Physics knowledge, she also helps the team conduct research projects. She will be directly involved in developing any new product approval processes and test equipment. She has a passion for both bowling and research, and is a valuable member to the team. Ally has achieved perfection on the lanes notching a 300 game.
Email: Allyson.Stanton@bowl.com

Tom Frenzel
is a Research Engineer with the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team. A fan of the sport from a young age, Tom began taking bowling lessons at age 11. Although his bowling achievements are not as prolific as his colleagues', he enjoys hitting the lanes to knock down some pins just as much as any other bowler. He achieved a Bachelor's of Science in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Music from Stephen F. Austin State University in May 2013 and has been working at USBC since November 2013. He brings his strong analytical skill set and a passion for the game to the team to gain technical understanding in order to make bowling better for everyone.
Email: Tom.Frenzel@bowl.com

Jason Milligan
is a Research Technician with the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team. In that role, he performs all testing for bowling ball approvals and serves as the liaison between bowling ball manufacturers and the team. He assists in the research of bowling equipment and products to understand their influence on scoring and helps develop new testing equipment and procedures needed to support testing and research. He is also the main contact person for the Sport Bowling program. Jason is a native of Barstow, California, and has over 25 years of experience in pro shop operations. He is a USBC Bronze Level coach, and has received extensive training from the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association. He has drilled equipment for bowlers ranging from beginners to elite PBA/PWBA titlists and Team USA members. He has achieved a great deal of personal success on the lanes as well, winning two PBA Regional titles, and notching several USBC-certified perfect games. Jason has a high series of 836.
E-mail: Jason.Milligan@bowl.com

Tom Nassar is a Research Technician II with the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team. In that role, his main duty is to fabricate testing equipment for use during product approval testing. He assists in the research of bowling equipment and products to understand their influence on scoring. Tom has a background in mechanics, electronics, and telecommunications. He has 21 years experience with AT&T in network operations and earned recognition for implementing a nationwide repair process that resolved network outages. Tom started league bowling at age 10. He is a former collegiate bowler, USBC Silver Level Coach, and a pro shop technician. He served as the Association Manager for the Mount Pleasant Bowling Association where he gained lane certification experience. Tom also has had perfection on the lanes with several 300 games.
Email: Tom.Nassar@bowl.com

Danny Speranza
is the Senior Director with the USBC Equipment Specifications Team. Having a Mechanical Engineering Degree, he has designed bowling products for AMF including the original HPL Synthetic lane, Spectrum ball return, and helped develop the original urethane bowling ball, the AMF Black Angle. He was the Director of Research for Columbia 300 responsible for new product development, and was Director of Operations for 900 Global overseeing product design and manufacturing, including bringing to market a remote-control bowling ball. This is his second employment opportunity within the Equipment Specification Department having developed the System of Bowling specifications and led the design team in the development of C.A.T.S. He has numerous bowling related patents. Danny has been a bowler his entire life with over 20 300 games and a high series of 856.
Email: Daniel.Speranza@bowl.com

Equipment Specifications and Certification Committee Technical Advisor

Scott Sterbenz
is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt at The Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. A registered Professional Engineer, he holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit. Scott is recognized as a top-quality improvement engineer by the American Society for Quality and the American Statistical Association, who also teaches advanced mathematics at a local school. He has several certified 300 games and 800 series on his bowling resume.