About Youth Membership

USBC Youth bowling is a unique opportunity to get involved with a lifetime sport.

USBC Youth bowling has membership options designed to meet the needs of all youth bowlers. More than $6 million in annual scholarships are awarded to youth bowlers each season based on academic, leadership and on-lane performances. USBC Youth provides opportunities for coaching and instruction, fun and friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, and leadership development.

If you or your child wants to get involved with a cool sport that anyone can play, and one that helps build their future, join USBC Youth bowling today!

USBC Youth features one National membership with two upgrade options: U12 Junior Gold ($10) & U15/U18 Junior Gold ($30).


IBC Youth Committee
Applications for the 2024-2025 International Bowling Campus Youth Committee are closed.. 

To learn more about the IBC Youth Committee, the duties and responsibilities and the time commitment to serve on the IBC Youth Committee, please click here.

To learn about the process of becoming a member of the IBC Youth Committee, please click here.

Registered Volunteer Program (RVP)
The United States Bowling Congress' Registered Volunteer Program was created in 2006 to protect the youths who participate in USBC Youth programs. Providing a safe environment for youth bowlers is USBC's highest priority.

The USBC Registered Volunteer Program accomplishes two very important goals:

  • It requires all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers to have gone through a mandatory criminal background screening designed to remove and/or discourage those who might harm out kids.
  • It completes a training component, through SafeSport.org, so those who work closely with youth members can recognize if an athlete is being abused, learn how to prevent abuse and how to respond if abuse has happened.

Everyone deserves to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse. USBC's Registered Volunteer Program is designed to ensure all work with youth members are dedicated to that objective.

Visit RVP page on Bowl.com by clicking here

Youth Logos
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