What is USA Bowling Coaching?
USA Bowling Coaching is a grassroots instruction plan designed to grow the sport of bowling through our youth, designed by the Youth Development team at the International Bowling Campus.

Is this part of Team USA?
No, Team USA is the elite bowlers that compete internationally, representing the United States. Details can be found here.

Why is coaching such an important part of the program?
Coaching means everything to this program. The curriculum focuses on a fundamentals-based system and will be delivered to youth volunteer coaches throughout the country at a series of seminars.

Why is this "fundamentals-based system" so great?
This system was put together by expert coaches around the world with the express intent to make it easier to coach the game. A parent who doesn't bowl can now pass on the skills through these teachings. The benchmarks for the curriculum are communication, coaching philosophy, the physical game and basic skills drills.

Why was this program developed?
It's always been said how tough it is to pass along the basic skills of our game to children, and with this curriculum, we are making it as easy as possible.

Who is coordinating this program?
It is being managed by the IBC Youth Development team, in conjunction with the USBC Coaching Certification and Development team.

Who should attend these coaching seminars?
Anyone who is interested in getting involved with teaching kids how to bowl should attend, and that includes parents, volunteers, bowling center employees and USBC association leaders. Seminars are limited to 25 people.

What are the benefits of attending?
There are many benefits, starting with learning how to teach the fundamentals of the game to anyone - the physical game, nutrition, physical fitness and life skills. Also, attendees will learn how to communicate with today's kids and parents while gaining confidence in the ability to teach bowling.

How much does it cost to attend?
There is no cost to attend a seminar. The Youth Education Services Fund helps provide these seminars to attendees at no cost.

Who will be the teachers at the seminars?
The seminar leaders will be taken from a group of nine national instructors and a developing group of a few dozen regional instructors. All national instructors are USBC Gold or USBC Silver coaches, while all regional instructors are certified to the level of USBC Bronze or higher.

How do I register to attend?
To register for a seminar, email usacoaching@ibcyouth.com or call 817-385-8339 (toll-free, 800-514-2695, ext. 8339).

There's no event in my area. What can I do?
We can conduct a seminar anywhere there is a qualified instructor to teach it. All you have to do is contact the staff by the methods listed above to set one up.

How can I get involved as an instructor?
You can get involved as an instructor by sending a resume to usacoaching@ibcyouth.com. Please include everything you would want to know if you were making the decision.