About USA Bowling

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About USA Bowling

USA Bowling is a new mainstream youth sports model with coaching, league, tournament, and summer camp components. USA Bowling aims to follow a similar format of traditional youth team sports by utilizing shorter seasons, a Baker style format, one coach per team and instructional opportunities for both children and coaches.  

Teams ready to compete at the next level can attend one of the 16 Regional USA Bowling Tournaments to compete for a spot at the USA Bowling National Championships held every summer.  

USA Bowling is a product of the Youth Education Services (YES) Fund, a joint initiative of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and United States Bowling Congress supported by top bowling brands including Bowling.com, Brunswick, Columbia 300, Ebonite, Hammer, QubicaAMF, Roto Grip, Storm and Track. 

To learn more about the YES Fund, go here.


USA Bowling League 

USA Bowling League is a mainstream youth program that shares a similar team-based structure with other youth sports. Children of the same age and skill level interact with a coach through instruction and regular practice and then compete with other teams on a short eight to 12-week time frame. 

To learn more about the league format go here

League Development – If you’re looking to grow your youth program with the addition of a USA Bowling program, you’ve come to the right place! The USA Bowling team has created a new opportunity where we come to your center and develop the league with you. 


USA Bowling Coaching

USA Bowling Coaching is a grassroots instruction plan designed to grow the sport of bowling by developing new volunteer coaches.  

The USA Bowling Coaching program executes approximately 50 FREE seminars each year throughout the country with a goal of teaching those in attendance the basic skills needed to teach the fundamentals of bowling to youths!  

Any and everyone who wants to learn more about how to teach the fundamentals of bowling to youth is welcome to attend any of our FREE USA Bowling Coaching seminars.  

To find a coaching seminar near you, go here

To learn more about purchasing a seminar package, go here


USA Bowling Tournaments

USA Bowling will have 16 regional events to determine teams that will compete in the USA Bowling National Championships to be held in the summer. The tournament format is as follows: 

Teams are composed of four to six kids 

Two age divisions: U12 and U15 

One Coach Per Team 

Competition is in baker format 

Eight games of qualifying for bracket seeding 

Double elimination bracket play with best two out of three matches 

Regional champions in each division advance to the National Championships 

To learn more about the regional tournaments, go here

For more information about the national championships, go here


USA Bowling Summer Camp 

USA Bowling Summer Camps were created with every child in mind. Each camp places a high emphasis on skill development and fun. Children are provided personal instruction from a coach and social time to meet friends and have a blast. 

Want to see a camp hosted in your area? Tell local volunteers and youth directors about our summer camp resources found here


Contact Us

To speak to someone about USA Bowling Leagues, Coaching or Summer Camps see below. 

Toll-free: (800) 514-2695 ext. 8426
Direct: 817-385-8426
Email: USABowling@ibcyouth.com

To speak to someone about USA Bowling Tournaments: 

Toll-free: (800) 514-2695 ext. 8339
Direct: 817-385-8339
Email: Tournaments@ibcyouth.com