Bowling Centers

With Bowlopolis, bowling centers can increase awareness, revenue, and youth bowling participation with kids. At the national level, the Bowlopolis team helps you reach parents and kids through interactive content. In addition, we research and develop programs and products that can help you reach the 8-and-under youth segment more frequently and in an impactful, relevant way, all centered around the Bowlopolis brand.

Bowlopolis offers a variety of assets and products that can be leveraged at the center level, both as an ongoing youth program and promotionally during key seasons, to bring kids into your center. By leveraging the demand of the entire industry for high-quality products, and with our partners at Party Direct, we can secure extremely competitive prices on party supplies, DVDs, and more.

We encourage you to explore all that the Bowlopolis brand offers. Once you join the Bowlopolis family, we’ll email you as new materials and products become available. We’ll also make updates to the Youth Resource Center, an easy-to-use online hub for all your youth development needs.

Should you have questions about Bowlopolis, need more materials, or have ideas for future programs, please contact us. We look forward to hearing your Bowlopolis success stories!

Getting Started
Build your youth business with Bowlopolis, an entry-level youth brand that introduces kids ages 8 and under to bowling. In addition to teaching kids the fundamentals of the game, Bowlopolis leverages fun animation, story-telling and activities to create an engaging user experience. Through creative implementation of Bowlopolis products and marketing materials at the local level, Bowlopolis comes to life in bowling centers to attract and retain youth bowlers.

Your center is Bowlopolis! When a child walks into your center, they should feel like it is the place where all the characters from Bowlopolis come to have fun.

With Bowlopolis, your bowling center can engage youth bowlers every time they enter your center, especially on their first visits. Our primary objectives are to introduce youth to bowling in an exciting new way, increase the frequency of their visits to your center, and then convert them from casual play into longer organized play programs. As a Bowlopolis center, we encourage all your under 8 youth activities to carry the Bowlopolis theme. Bowlopolis should be leveraged both as an ongoing program and promotionally during key seasons to bring youth into your center.

Youth Resource Center
The Youth Resource Center has been developed specifically for proprietors, associations and youth personnel to access Bowlopolis assets. Here, you can read through our library of How To’s and Tips to get advice on how to best implement Bowlopolis in your center. From the Marketing Materials section, you also can download customizable flyers, free-game coupons, certificates, and graphic files to use the Bowlopolis brand within your center. If you need to create something that we haven’t provided, visit the Graphics section where we have a template with the Bowlopolis logo and character art so you can design your own materials.

To access the Youth Resource Center, go to and make sure to check back often for seasonal updates.

Promotional Ideas

  • Fundraising Events: Theme events with youth organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boy and Girl Scouts, and your local USBC association can help to familiarize your community with Bowlopolis.
  • Clubs or Leagues: Theme fun and competitive activities around Bowlopolis. Use these events to distribute DVDs or information on how to access the episodes via our Theater app or YouTube.
  • Character Look Alike Contests: For Halloween or any fun time, run contests for kids (and families) dressed like Layne, Carrie, Mr. Kegler, Kingpin or even Reset! Take plenty of pictures and hang them throughout the center for people to vote on winners.
  • Birthday Party Contest: Customers of all types enjoy opportunities to win something. Hold a drawing to win a free Bowlopolis birthday party. Create the contest sign-up forms to capture emails addresses of all parents. Then record the new database and use the list for email alerts to remind parents of new Bowlopolis developments, learn to bowl programs and much more.
  • Food and Beverage Themed Items: Create names for each flavor of drink and meal to coincide with the Bowlopolis brand, such as Carrie’s Cola, Kingpin’s Revenge, Layne’s Lunch and others.
  • School Parties: Celebrate back-to-school, Spring Break and other holiday events with a Bowlopolis party. Why wait for a birthday party to start celebrating? Parents are always looking for ways and ideas to entertain the kids during school breaks.
  • Lock-ins: Theme lock-ins during the school year around Bowlopolis. Run events during the night around a central theme – have food in “Kegler’s Korner,” bowl on “Layne’s Lanes,” play games called “Carrie’s Capers,” hold events (or time-out) in the party room called “Reset’s Room” and many other fun ideas.
  • Bowling Blast-offs: Use the BPAA Bowling Blast-off materials and theme the day around introducing kids to the Bowlopolis brand.
  • Bowlopolis Coloring Contests: As part of programs for young kids (after school, in-school, and others) conduct creative coloring contests. Display all entries in your center to build further excitement around Bowlopolis. Award Bowlopolis-themed prizes by age groups and recognize the kids during youth events.
  • Bus/Van: Centers having vans or buses for youth programs should consider applying the Bowlopolis logo on the side. You can create a magnetic sign (under $50 online) or paint a large logo on the side to build awareness of the brand.
  • Party Room: Bring Bowlopolis to life by painting some of the characters on the wall inside your party room. Make it memorable for kids attending their first birthday party at your center.