The Bowlopolis Story

Bowlopolis tells the story of Layne Kegler, who must take on the Evil Kingpin in order to rescue his father, save the earth, and win a sizable trophy. There’s just one problem…Layne doesn’t know how to bowl!

Bowlopolis is a 3D animated series that revolves around a boy’s quest to save his father and the world from the Evil Kingpin. Our hero, Layne, is joined by his fast-talking friend, Carrie, and his wisecracking dog, Reset. With adventures in every frame, Layne experiences the fun and sport of bowling, all while trying to defeat Kingpin and his pinions.

Episode 1: “Bowling Anyone?”

Layne, as always, is playing his video game while the family dog, Reset, looks on. Layne’s dad enthusiastically enters the room and tells Layne to get ready; it’s time for Carrie’s 10th birthday party! Layne declines, stating he is in the middle of saving the Earth from uncertified zombie Eskimo swimming instructors.

Layne father reminds him of all the great activities available at Bowlopolis, but it’s no use – Layne has to get through level 46 or the Earth is doomed. He then asks Layne to come to work with him and he’ll teach him how to bowl. Dad waxes nostalgic, recalling some of his fondest memories spent with his father at the old bowling alley.

“Yeah, that’s great Dad,” Layne says as he keeps playing. Dad watches Layne play for a moment and gets an idea. He tells Layne about his own experience saving the Earth from the diabolical uber bad guy – the Kingpin. They would battle for control of the Earth – oh, and a sizable trophy. Layne isn’t buying this story for a minute.

“A maniacal giant bowling pin?! That’s got to be the lamest super villain in the history of forever,” Layne says. Again, he politely declines, stating that bowling is completely lame.

Disappointed, Dad leaves for the bowling alley. Minutes later, the phone rings. It’s Layne’s father and he is in trouble. Big trouble! The Kingpin has taken him prisoner and he needs Layne to come to the bowling alley right away. Unable to make it past level 46 anyway, he decides to go and see his dad. There, he and Reset meet the one and only – Kingpin!

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