Interactive League Resources

Bowlopolis-themed materials and resources provide parents/guardians, league coordinators and other program administrators the opportunity to enhance the in-center experience for our youngest bowlers.

In the FREE League Resources section below, you will find several FREE interactive resources to help the bowler develop their skills and love for the sport of bowling. Whether it is encouraging creativity with The Little Bowler activity book, or helping bowlers progress through the achievement board game, Bowlopolis has a resource to engage bowlers 8 and under in your center.

FREE League Resources
These resources are free to download, print and distribute to bowlers in your program.

  • The Little Bowler – An interactive activity book filled with puzzles and coloring pages to allow the youth bowler to showcase their creative side.
  • Achievement Board Game – A board game full of bowling achievements that encourage the bowler to learn more about the sport, the center, and their teammates, while also striving to complete development milestones on the lanes.
  • Coaching GuideThis guide provides answers to the Achievement Board Game, as well as instructional tips to help bowlers complete their achievements. An excellent resource for any coach, parent/guardian or program coordinator looking to help their bowler complete the board game.
  • Achievement Chart - This poster can help you showcase and celebrate the achievements completed by each bowler in your program.
  • Coloring Sheet - Hold a coloring contest. Use completed sheets to decorate your center walls. Or, make them available to any youth who come to bowl with their family.

Teach and practice each of the lessons on the board, spreading them out across the league. Go over it at the start, let them bowl, and then test them before league is over. Once everyone completes the goal, you can place their sticker on that spot. Practice and repetition are important aspects to mastering a skillset.

So that every kid can take their board game home each week to show their family, on this skill development plan we have provided you with a master poster listing each goal and a place for everyone’s name in the league. Each week, make sure to update it by checking the box or placing your own stickers or stars for the goals completed by each kid. This provides a little competition, but also the opportunity to celebrate the kids in the league. 

Be aware that not everyone will complete the board or the goals each week; this provides an ongoing incentive to practice in the center. The board was designed in a way that some will complete everything during the season and some will not. That’s okay, as everyone qualifies for a chance at prizes. When the league ends, have each kid hold up their board and take a picture on the lanes. Post those pictures on your youth wall, but most importantly, make sure to submit each one to In the subject line put: Bowlopolis Game Board